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On Tuesday, 8 September, a number of parishioners from the parish of Christ the King in Bramley, Leeds came together to celebrate Our Lady’s Birthday. At the entrance to the church is a Lourdes Grotto which was badly in need of repair.  During the lockdown period, Fr Neil Byrne had the grotto and the surrounding area, renovated and updated.  The statue of Our Lady was sent away to be repaired and repainted.  The photos below show all the hard work that was carried out in order to restore the Grotto. It was appropriate that on Our Lady’s Birthday, the renovated statue was unveiled to a number of parishioners following the 9.30am Mass.  As well as Our Lady of Lourdes, she will also be known as Our Lady of Bramley.  Fr Neil expressed his gratitude to all those involved in making this possible both for their hard work and for the donations and grants he had received.