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Register For Mass

Welcome to our registrations area as from 11th July 2020 we re-open the doors of our Churches for Mass.

Mass will be celebrated daily in both churches.

The registration platform below will help us to adequately cater for the numbers of parishioners coming to the Churches; in doing so we hope to reduce the COVID-19 risk for all of our parishioners and visitors.

We look forward to seeing you.

The Times of Holy Mass

Please see our latest bulletin.

Registration Information

Christ the King: 35 places

25 tickets available online per Mass

10 tickets available by phone per Mass (07799 443394 Monday to Friday 10am – 2pm) 

Holy Family Church: 60 places

45 tickets available online per Mass

15 tickets available by phone per Mass (07799 443394 Monday to Friday 10am – 2pm)

For individual registrations, simply secure a seat by registering for your single ticket.

For Households of 2, only 1 ticket is required when registering.

For households of 3 or more – only 2 tickets are required when registering

Please note: if you use the online booking system or telephone, your name and email address will be stored for 21 days for the purposes of the government’s Track and Trace system. This is to aid any response to Covid-19 infection. Thank you.


If you are unable to obtain a ticket for your preferred Mass, it means that the allocation has been fulfilled – Please do register for another available Mass within the calendar(s).

To ease the pressure on Sundays, please consider attending Mass on a weekday if you can, as there is still NO SUNDAY OBLIGATION.

I ask that you be considerate to others when a booking a place.  Those of you who are retired/not working.  Come to Mass during the week so we can keep Sunday places free for those working and families.  Please note that things will be different to how they were before the crisis, and we will all need to be generous in adapting our old habits to the new procedures. Everyone will be relying on the patience and cheerful cooperation of the whole parish.

Before registering to attend Mass – Please ensure that: