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Hopefully, the time is fast approaching when own parish priests, congregations and communities will be able to say a warm ‘Welcome Back to Church!’ to ALL! 

In anticipation of that time, at their recent Plenary Meeting, Bishop Marcus and his fellow Catholic Bishops in England and Wales have issued a joint letter paying tribute … ‘…to all in the Catholic community who have shown such courage, generosity and understanding in the face of adversity this past year’.

The Bishops’ reflection is called The Day of the Lord and may be viewed and downloaded here.

It is the Eucharist, the celebration of the Mass, that makes the Church … The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the lifeblood of the Church. It requires our active participation and, to be fully celebrated, our physical presence. At this moment, then, we need to have in our sights the need to restore to its rightful centrality in our lives the Sunday Mass, encouraging each to take his or her place once again in the assembly of our brothers and sisters … In the time to come we can do no better than to rekindle in our hearts, foster and encourage, a yearning for the Real Presence of the Lord and the practice of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, a gift so deeply appreciated in these times of lockdown. We need to begin by fostering this in ourselves. For the Eucharist should be the cause of our deepest joy, our highest manner of offering thanks to God and for seeking his mercy and love. We need to make it the foundation stone of our lives’.
(Catholic Bishops of England and Wales, The Day of the Lord, 22 April 2021)

We all look forward to welcoming one another back to church: not only the laity faithfully returning to reception of the Sacraments, but also those whose journey is just beginning and whose appreciation of the Catholic faith has increased during the past year, either through receiving the Lord’s comfort through prayer, through charitable acts of mercy and kindness, or through the beauty and dignity of our live-streamed liturgies.

  • November Dead List

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    November – a Month to remember our dearly departed

  • During the Masses in November and throughout the following year, please remember the following…

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Many parishioners have had the opportunity to hand in their November Dead List envelopes and there are many who haven’t. If you still wish for your loved ones to be included in the November Dead List during this period of lockdown, you still can.

Please fill out the form and Submit it and then send your stipend online by clicking the button below.

Alternatively you can hand in your envelope at the Presbytery at Christ the King.

Mass will be celebrated at Leeds Cathedral each Sunday which will be live-streamed  at 11am. Mass will also be streamed daily at 10.30am from the Cathedral. Please visit


Recommencement of Masses

It has now been a few weeks since we received permission from the Bishop to restart Masses at Christ the King & Holy Family, although in a limited way. In order to maximise your safety, social distancing is in operation and seating places are clearly marked. Everyone is now required by law to wear a mask and Holy Communion is given under one kind only and exclusively in the hand. The Priest will wear a face covering when distributing Holy Communion. With the introduction of face coverings we are now able to increase the seating capacity in both churches and this is now reflected in the arrangement in both churches and an increase in available booking allocations on the website.

There are stewards on duty to help you and ensure your safety. The Church is cleaned after every Mass. We have made attending Mass as safe as possible, probably safer than visiting the supermarket or eating out.

Unfortunately, people will not be able to just turn up to church for Mass on a Sunday as you did before, because we have to monitor how many people are in church at one time. This is in line with the governments ‘Track & Trace’ system. With this in mind there is a booking system for Sunday Masses. This booking system is by phone and online. There is NO need to book to attend the weekday Masses. Because of the limited numbers at each Mass, we have the booking system in place so that everyone has an equal opportunity to come to Mass.

**NB** There is still NO SUNDAY OBLIGATION so it would be acceptable to make one of the weekday Masses your main Mass, therefore avoiding too many people trying to get in the church on Sunday. I ask that you be considerate to others when a booking a place. Please DO NOT make block bookings in advance. Those of you who are retired/not working. Come to Mass during the week so we can keep Sunday places free for those working and families. This will hopefully avoid turning people away once the limited seating is taken.

I would now like to encourage all our parishioners to think about coming back to Mass. We of course, understand that many of our more elderly parishioners still feel vulnerable and are not yet ready to return. However many more of our parishioners could reasonably think about coming to Mass; watching streamed Masses on TV, PC or tablet is no substitute when the real thing is now available.

To read the ‘Guidelines for the recommencement of Masses’ please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Re-opening of churches for the celebration of Mas

25th June 2020 – To read the latest message from the Archbishops,  please click here

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Letter to Parents: First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion & Confirmation

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Fr. Neil Byrne

Offertory envelopes and standing orders for offerings

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Whether you are looking to join our church family on a regular basis, or are enquiring about becoming part of the church for a special event, such as a wedding or a baptism, these pages should give you all that you need to know.

Christ the King Catholic Church, Bramley and Holy Family Catholic Church, Armley are both parishes that are part of the Diocese of Leeds.

Christmas Mass Times

Holy Family Church

Christmas Eve: 4pm Carols led by pupils from Holy Family School
Christmas Eve: Vigil Mass at 4:30pm
Christmas Day: 9:30am.

Christ the King Church

Christmas Eve: 6pm Carols followed by Mass at 6:30pm
Christmas Day 11am

First Reconciliation (Confession)

First Holy Communion 2019/2020

Weekly Bulletin

Sacrament of Reconciliation

By appointment with Fr Neil

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Christ The King
Monday to Friday – 8.45am – 9.15am (except July & August

Mass Times

Christ The King

Saturday (Vigil) – 6pm
Sunday – 11am

Weekdays – See bulletin

Holy Family

Sunday – 9.30am

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Christ The King
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